L.E.A.N. Kids COPE

L.E.A.N. Kids COPE is our signature award winning program.  In an after school setting, COPE offers nutrition education, fitness training and behavioral health therapy to students who want to avoid or are struggling with overweight, obesity, or inactive lifestyles.  This is offered in a structured environment and currently offered to middle school students. Trusted professionals facilitate learning and mentor students with understanding, helping them reach their potential as a healthy, active, happy person. Parents of these students attend six one-hour evening sessions, as well as a Saturday morning trip to the Farmers Market and grocery stores so they can support their student and help the entire family live lean and healthy. Students are referred by medical providers or parents or caregivers. Contact us for more information.

Twelve week sessions, three afternoons per week, begin in September and January of each year at partnering schools.


Girls COPE: Healthy, Confident, and Empowered

This is a 12-week program for girls aged 14-16. It runs for 12 weeks, and issues such as bullying, dysfunctional eating patterns, feelings of exclusion, and social pressures are touched on. This program focuses around confidence building activities to help our young women reach their full potential in life. You can reach us at if you have any questions or know a young lady who would be interested in joining us for the next session.


Dr Sears’ L.E.A.N. 

L.E.A.N. workshops are offered to parents who want to learn healthy habits to implement in their families to create L.E.A.N. kids. Created by Dr. Bill Sears, renowned pediatrician, parents can choose from L.E.A.N. Start, a seven hour workshop (two Saturday morning sessions)  or L.E.A.N. Essentials, a 3 hour introductory workshop. 

L.E.A.N. is an acronym for Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, Nutrition as the four pillars of good health. If our children are going to change, we  have to be armed with the proper information to facilitate lean living for the entire family. 

The facilitator for these programs, COPE’s L.E.A.N. Health Coach, combines behavioral strategies that have been proven by COPE along with Dr. Sears curriculum for an amazing, family changing experience.


L.E.A.N. Start

Lean Start

L.E.A.N. Start workshops are a series of fun and interactive educational classes that give families with school-aged children the tools and information to:

  • Develop a lifetime of achievable healthy habits for the entire family
  • Improve the mood, learning and behavior of children through proper nutrition
  • Learn how to shop for quality, affordable foods
  • Avoid nutrition related diseases such as type II diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnea, respiratory problems, & cancer
  • Make nutrition at home easy and fun, while preparing healthy food that tastes great
  • Keep children and family members physically active

Dr. Bill Sears recognized the need for families to receive accurate, trustworthy, uncomplicated information to maximize their family’s health. Which is why he created the L.E.A.N. Start program where families benefit from:

  • Improvements in their overall health
  • Fewer sick days and less time away from school or work
  • Reduced medical expenses
  • Children who behave, sleep, and learn better
  • More energy and better weight control
  • More active and energetic lives

L.E.A.N. Essentials


Dr. Sears’ LEAN Essentials Workshops are fun, interactive and educational classes designed for the busy family or individual who has limited time or are looking for a brief introduction to health and wellness.  The workshop is designed to be a fast paced introduction to wellness and covers eight key nutrition and exercise topics including:

  1. Choosing quality foods
  2. Benefits of a brainy breakfast
  3. Identifying good vs bad fats
  4. How much protein we the body needs
  5. Creative activities to get the whole family moving
  6. The best beverages to drink
  7. Ingredients to avoid
  8. Labeling loopholes and myth busters

LEAN Essentials workshops are two hours long and include direct instruction, group participation, hands-on activities, short video segments, workbooks, and Q&A sessions. Each participant will receive a L.E.A.N. Essentials Workbook that contains nutrition information, fill in the blank areas, and delicious simple recipes like:

  • Y.E.A.H. Crepes!! (Yummy, Easy and Healthy)
  • Jam Dots
  • Sweet Potato Fries
  • Homemade Tortilla Chips
  • Fun Fruit Dip

This short, entertaining workshop is appropriate for many audiences and situations including:

  • Monthly Organization Meetings (ie. girl scouts or community clubs)
  • Lunch and Learns at companies
  • Teacher in service workshops
  • School fundraisers
  • Religious camps and retreats
  • and more!