Traffic Light Eating- Red Light Substitutions

When you approach a stoplight when driving you have three options, 1) keep going 2) slow down 3) stop. What would happen if we applied this mindset to our diet? We would then see raw fruits and vegetables as “green light” foods, you can eat as many as you desire. Lean meats, grains, eggs, dairy products, oils, nuts, seeds, processed fruits and vegetables, etc. are “yellow light” foods, that you may enjoy everyday but not within every meal. Cookies, candy, ice cream, chips, white bread, etc. are “red light” foods, these are low in nutrients and high in calories and/or sugar so you should stop and think before eating.

To learn even more about traffic light eating please visit Dr. Sears Wellness Institute

In today’s blog we wanted to share our favorite red light food substitutions to change those “stop and think” foods to “slow down” foods.

Red: Ice Cream 

Substitution: Banana “Nice” Cream

Red: Chocolate Chip Cookies

Substitution: Dark Chocolate Energy Bites

Red: Potato Chips

Substitution: Apple or Kale Chips

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