Don’t throw stones at glass houses

Lately I’ve been listening to how many opinions are being expressed about things that are none of our business….but society continues to think they are, so things are said that become hurtful whether or not they were meant that way. Here is an example:

A comedian who verbally assigns blame and shame to people with obesity, comparing it to other addictions like alcohol and drugs that they should just quit. She brags that she is one year and three months sober, yet I see her later and she smokes like a freight train. Transfer addiction? Perhaps. Or maybe she smoked and drank but hasn’t kicked the cigarettes yet. Why can’t she? She also boasts that she is not fat. She goes on to say people think she is mean, but her perception is that they say that because she is skinny and they are jealous. Hmmm.

What can we take away from the above? First, remember the old saying, don’t throw stones at glass houses? She may not have heard that one. If a person has to belittle another, or cast judgment on another’s behavior or looks, you have to wonder why. Why can’t we just accept each other the way we are? Why do some people think there is a certain way we should all act and look and they seem to be the one in this world who knows what that is? That is exactly how prejudices are formed.

How many of us have been told at some time – “you have such a pretty face, if you’d only lose weight”? Does that mean people with obesity don’t have pretty faces so since I do I should break away from other obese people and join the pretty face group? Does that mean obesity can’t be pretty? Now I’m not saying one way or the other, I’m saying it is no one else’s business to decide that.

Once on a hike I was told by someone who considered themselves svelte and fit – “wow, I’m surprised you can keep up so well.” Why, because fat people can only lay on the couch and be lazy? We don’t desire or achieve or work hard or have fun or exercise? Shallow thinking at its best.

My opinion is behind these hurtful words is the person’s own lack of confidence. If they promote their attitude that they are better somehow that makes it so.

It makes me think of pay grades. We hear about climbing the ladder of success, and being on a higher rung than another employee. Paychecks vary from entry level to the top executive and somewhere in between are all the employees. There is a reason most employers say don’t talk about your salary. It is only a number of dollars but when compared becomes a symbol of worth. Don’t allow people to do that with their words to you. Your value is far above silver and gold. Your value is immeasurable.

If you have been verbally assaulted by shallow thinking like this, please try to put it out of your mind, because it is an uneducated opinion that leads to no where good. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. You are a gift to this world and there is no one like you anywhere!

Today, celebrate YOU. You are amazing! You are destined for greatness so stay on course. When you hear those shallow, uneducated opinions walk away and don’t listen or believe those words. Their only truth is the unlovely reflection of the one who spoke them.


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