COPE Session Results 2011 Coastal Middle School

Our first LEAN Kids COPE session ended yesterday with sadness and excitement.  Sadness that the wonderful fun we had for sixteen weeks has come to a close but excitement because we had tremendous results and are all healthier now!

  • 100% of the participants lost inches
  • 100% increased their fitness ability in endurance and strength as well as lowering their heart rate during exercise
  • 50% of our participants are entering our transitional 90 day challenge

Some lost weight but since we know muscle weighs more than fat but takes up less room our loss of inches tells us we are on the right track!  Students all report a better understanding of healthy food and why it’s important.  Students report making better food choices and enjoying food they would have never tried previously.   Students report enjoying active exercise now and even looking for ways to be active instead of watching television. Students report feeling better about themselves and their new life habits.  Yay!!!

Four of our participants, all girls, are entering our transitional program by completing a 90 day challenge.  I am entering the challenge with them. Each girl will decide her own challenge goals and be accountable to the rest of the group for her progress.  We will keep you updated on our progress and all the fun we are going to have getting healthIER, strongER, and leanER!

We have made friends and discovered awesome things about ourselves and why we reached for the foods we did, why we made the excuses we did, and why we aren’t going to accept that unhealthy life for ourselves.  We ran our first 5K with the Savannah Bridge Run and next year plan to do the 10K together.  COPE will lead Coastal Middle School in a choreographed dance at the Black Heritage Festival at the Savannah Civic Center Feb. 11, 2012.  We have had a blast and will continue to lead by example for improved health!!


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