COPE: Childhood Obesity Prevention + Education

Why We Exist

Childhood obesity has reached epidemic proportions, with nearly 17% of children and adolescents aged 2-17 affected. Children who are overweight or obese often face many challenges that need our attention and further prevention measures are needed to aid in reduction of this statistic.

Let’s take a walk in their shoes.

Obese children and teens are:

  • absent from school 20% more on average than children of a healthy weight.
  • five times more likely to report low quality of life.
  • often exhibiting low self-esteem and more likely to engage in suicidal thoughts and behaviors.
  • at an increased risk of Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure, metabolic disorder, sleep apnea, and orthopedic issues.

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What We Are Doing About It

COPE offers family-based, after-school programs that target three major areas to reduce and prevent childhood obesity. These are: nutrition education, physical fitness, and a therapeutic/behavioral component. It is our belief that family involvement and holistic programming are imperative for long-term change. We are proud to provide services free of charge to Savannah families. We have different programs geared to various age groups. Learn more by clicking on the “About COPE” tab.true blue

COPE is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) charitable organization. We solicit generous financial contributions to pay for the cost of implementation and materials to ensure that all parents and children can participate and benefit.  We welcome individual and corporate donations.